Audiosurf – Amplitude for your mp3’s

Well okay not quite amplitude. But its still pretty damned cool nonetheless.

Thats the link for the current beta , but im not sure how long it’ll work since its… well.. beta.

Beta weekend is over folks , Those who missed the boat. Missed the boat. D:

Thats their actual homepage and for a sample picture…

How bout some’o’dat ?

The gist of this is , you start up the game, select a music file from YOUR pc , it generates a level for you , what you then do is control a ship with your mouse and try to match certain colours.
This is somewhat flawed in a way as the aim of the game isnt always to hit beats on time but nonetheless it provides a new and intresting way for you to listen to your own music – the game track generated is of course influenced by the actual music track you are playing.

Of course after playing the tutorial level and thinking ‘wow this game is bullshit easy’ i proceeded to put it on medium difficulty level and pick a track which is J-trance. Now i know not many of you are too educated in J-trance but its basically normal trance , sped up by 3 times and with a japanese woman ‘singing’ (although im sure in its native language its more like rapping) over the top.
I got my ass handed to me.

2nd go.. i thought id try that song…

Another nifty thing about this game is that whatever song you play , your end score gets uploaded , so anyone else who has ever played that song before will have a score up.
Rather amazingly , only 1 person had a score on ‘The Ritual’ ,a pretty low one too. Maybe s/he got MAC TRUCK’D half way?

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