Super Paper Mario has the most retarded level ever.

So i recently got Super Paper Mario back after RMA’ing it because of disk errors and such. And i come to chapter 2-3 (i think).
The jist of this chapter is that you break a vase costing 1 million rubees (yes rubees) , you then have to work this off by doing bullshit menial chore for ages.
You start in a block jumping room thing , basically you jump to hit a block above your head for 100 times (aka. push the button 100 times.) , you then take the 100 rubees you make and give it to some other guy who will in exchange give you the code for the ‘special’ bullshit menial chore room which involves you running around in a giant hamster wheel for ages (aka. hold right on the dpad for somewhere in the region of half an hour)
Heres a picture of me in my lounge playing this segment.


Oh. whoops. yeah by me playing i meant my substitute – a rubber band.
Thank goodness for rubber bands , without them i might have actually had to endure this shit for any longer than 20 seconds.

Meanwhile in another part of home…


Is me occupying myself whilst im waiting for stupidass hamster wheel to generate me money.

After about half an hour of playing i return downstairs to find my Wiimote had switched itself off due to extreme boredom and such.
Thats right guys , even my fucking wiimote is tired of this shit.
I turn my wiimote back on and get out of the hamster wheel to see how much money ive earned in the half an hour i spent being nibbled on by angry spaniards.
I’ve earned 24,000 rubees. (out of 1,000,000 – thats 2.5%)


I cried a little.

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  • 1. I’m fairly sure you don’t have to do the hamster wheel thing, there’s a way around it.
    2. wtf, you have super paper mario?! D:

  • 1. yeah , after crying i checked Gamefaqs and theres some other area where you basically rob the bitch for the full amount.

    2. My brother got it for christmas

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