Tube it Tube it

Errybody doin it! Scummisland Warsow Match – Video of me playing the club in singleplayer – T-T-TRANCE – 

19th Birthday

Its my birthday and ill cry if i want to Streak if i want to Rave if i want to

NiGHTS : Journey Into Nightmares

So… NiGHTS… The underplayed and undertreasured game by sega released originally on the Sega Saturn back in the golden days of 96Since then … a 10 year long gap of false hopes begging fans.Aforementioned Fans finally got their break when … Read More

Misc. again.

I got an offer from Reading University. Yay. Also – do not try to balance out a tiring day at work by eating a third of a black forest gateau by yourself. [I currently feel tired and slightly ill.] Ill … Read More

Finishing Spree

Apolagies for no posts in the past 2 days or whatever. ive been too busy finishing stuff. On Thursday night i finished the 50 episode long ‘historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi’ , which was actually a really cool anime.I also finished … Read More

Surfs up?

One thing leads to another… Original : Inevitable Photoshop:Uninevitable Photoshop: also. Video –

Rockin’ that TF2

So the past day or two has been 40% TF2 , 50% Audiosurf , 10% having my ears exploded by punks on vent. I really have nothing much to blog about today. Sorry. 🙁