Its like they don’t even have hit detection!

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So i was sitting on the bus earlier today and a black woman sat next to me.
well.. next to me is somewhat misleading since she was practically fucking sittiing on top of me – the fat nig.

Ive noticed that this seems to happen alot , whenever i have to be directly next to them, they touch me.
It has happened numerous times on buses , where they sit so ridiculously close to you that their elbow is practically embedded in your chest.
It happened to me when i was on holiday in florida , little fat sweaty nig , getting his sweat over my arm ./cringe

And thus , i set out to find a defense. a counterattack.

The video i made immediately upon coming home will explain the rest i hope.

Unfortunately , the plot i came up with fell through , the ammunition for my plan just wouldnt fly far and fast enough to do any real damage to those bastard insensitive things.
Perhaps i shall return at some point in the future to further explore this – who knows what sort of form it will take on next time. If i had the ability to do Anonymous1c4’s SUV attack from PSU i’d be sorted.

On an unrelated note – I will be turning 19 tomorrow (the 28th of Febuary) , marking the last of my teenage years.
(*cough*Feel free to buy me something *coughcough*)

NiGHTS : Journey Into Nightmares

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The underplayed and undertreasured game by sega released originally on the Sega Saturn back in the golden days of 96
Since then … a 10 year long gap of false hopes begging fans.
Aforementioned Fans finally got their break when NiGHTS Journey of Dreams was announced in Early 07 with the actual release being around Christmas time.

My brother recently picked it up from game for a reasonable £20 , a special offer for when you buy something else.

I eagerly put the disk in and started up the game , the NiGHTS jingle being the first thing heard when you insert the game.
I was excited.
A lengthy opening FMV made me salivate , the gorgeous graphics and promise of being able to fly into nightopia again – i couldnt wait to start the game.

And then i did.
And it all went to shit.

The game starts with you at the world hub sort of thing , a small world with a fountain at the center and doors leading to all of the different worlds in almost a Mario 64 style way.
They introduced cutscenes into this sequel.. Lots of them… and unskippable too! and oh. my. god. they are lengthy and numerous and horrible.
You become forced to listen to that fucking owl and NiGHTS him/herself (s/he was originally intended to be genderless but they clearly tried to turn it into a girl by giving it a horrible female voice actor)
The game and story treats the player as an 8 year old child , the way they talk to each other is alike to how one would try to communicate with a retarded 4 year old from africa – and by that i mean s-l-o-w and basic with plenty of breaks inbetween words and very simple language.
Being almost 19 , this puts me in a rather awkward spot , if i wanted to be treated like a retard Id just get a faggy haircut and walk around like a goth – why then am i forced to endure these fucking cutscenes with a script ripped straight from a childrens book.

Moving On.

The graphics are far from spectacular. Im no graphics whore but this could have honestly have been on a dreamcast.
Whats worse is that not even does the game look horrible , it runs horrible!
The framerate during the (godawful) cutscenes is around the 10-15fps mark with the ingame segments running at no higher than 40.

The Controls are exactly what you would expect from a Wii sequel of an old classic , however THANKFULLY they have given the player numerous options on how they would like to play the game.
The game supports Classic Controller (or was it the gamecube control.. i cant remember) ,
The game also supports Wiimote and nunchuck which acts with the nunchuck controlling NiGHTS and the wiimote doing… next to nothing. (you can use it to dash but you can do that with the nunchuck too.) .
And then theres the godawful wiimote only gimmick style control scheme which has you waving the wiimote like a retard at the screen trying to get NiGHTS to fly in a straight line.

okay.. what else is there to bitch at…

The Mask system. What the fuck is that shit? Ive onl unlocked the first one so far but it transforms NiGHTS (im getting tired of typing it like that >_> ) into a dolphin when s/he hits water. Pointless much? the NiGHTS i knew back on the saturn could swim just fine without any need to transform into fucking ecco the dolphin.

Alright , i suppose i should start praising it now.
The game worlds are inventive and crea—
FUCK. i just remembered!
You run around with your character (not NiGHTS) and collect orbs and throw the orbs at people and it sucks IMMENSELY. I think Spongebob squarepants the movie had better platforming action than this shit.

Okay. where was I..
The game worlds are innovative and creative , each world has a clear theme and sticks to it.
The game also features some good music – Im not talking amazing music (see- NiGHTS into dreams) or Brilliant music (see- Jet Set Radio) however the music in this game is certainly nice.

I think ill end it there because i cant really think of much else to say.
The Good-
>Game Worlds

The Bad-
>Unskippable Cutscenes
>Shitty Framerates
>Story and dialogue/script

The Ugly-
>Horrible Voice Acting
>Unskippable Cutscenes

Worth £20? Probably not , Your money is better spent trying to hunt down the original NiGHTS Into Dreams and a Saturn to play it on.
Id give its worth at around £10.

Misc. again.

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I got an offer from Reading University. Yay.

Also – do not try to balance out a tiring day at work by eating a third of a black forest gateau by yourself. [I currently feel tired and slightly ill.]

Ill -try- and get a decent post up tomorrow i promise :<

Finishing Spree

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Apolagies for no posts in the past 2 days or whatever. ive been too busy finishing stuff.

On Thursday night i finished the 50 episode long ‘historys Strongest Disciple Kenichi’ , which was actually a really cool anime.
I also finished Call of Duty 4 on Hardened (Hard) which i had been meaning to do for a while

On Friday Night i finished Crysis which was also really good – although it had a very Halo ending :/

*sigh* having nothing to blog about sucks.

Rockin’ that TF2

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So the past day or two has been 40% TF2 , 50% Audiosurf , 10% having my ears exploded by punks on vent.

I really have nothing much to blog about today. Sorry. :(

Games games games

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Possibly the most amazing investment of $10 ever , the replay value is endless and the gameplay is good and there are crazy online scoreboards. Its a great game. go get it.

Professor layton:
jesus christ this game is hard. I mean most puzzle games pretend to be puzzle games but this one is truly devilish. The puzzles seem to range from riddles to word puzzles to optical illusions to spotting pictures within pictures and matchsticks and water volume puzzles and….
The list goes on and on,  ive completed about 50 puzzles out of around 60 which ive found so far which seems okay by my count.
If you have an R4 and such its definately worth a download.

In other unrelated news , i got an Offer from Surrey University the other day , who want 3 B’s at A-level

Misc stuff with pictures.

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My neighbours garden is an absoloute tip.
I hope this picture will reinforce that the post 2 days ago was not actually exaggeration.


What the fuck am i supposed to do with this?

Found this on my phone ~ look at the pretty colours!

Oh my.

Found this whilst going through my pictures folder randomly.
It was from a shop in florida i believe.

Another old picture.
HawkAhriman is a beast on ice skates.
And by that i mean not a beast at all.

Bye Bye Neighbours.

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My neighbours got evicted or something lol.
What does this mean for Meng?
1. No more listening to late night arguments
2. No more babies crying
3. No more wife crying due to (i assume) being beaten by husband
4. No more bonfires in the neighbours garden (chavvy neighbour is also pyromaniac neighbour apparently)
5. No more 10 year olds running around with megaphones (Seriously , who the fuck buys megaphones for children.)
6. No more mini-motors outside my house
7. No more needing to keep my music below earthquake level , this means i can play my j-pop Manly music as loud as i want without worry

This also means theres a vacancy next door , anyone fancy living next to Meng?

Surrey University

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So i went for an Interview at Surrey University today , the day involved sitting through a presentation of the Uni , then having a guided tour and finally the interview.

The campus is HUEEGEGGGGG , i mean i knew Universities were big but this was like trying to find your way through a small town. The uni had a starbucks,  a nightclub , 4 bars , 3 restaurants/cafes , laundrette , 2 post offices and probably some other shit ive forgotten to mention.

One the of the greatest things about the campus was the convinience store i went into. The term ‘convinience’ store used very literally because it had (and i shit you not) a wall of ramen , 8 shelves full infact. I really wish i had taken a picture but we were walking on the tour and i couldnt really stop.

The interview itself was rather laid back , i was – out of our group of 15 or so – the first person to be called for interview. However the interview was pretty laid back and just felt like a normal chat.
They said they’ll probably give me an offer , so pretty good i guezz.

Fucking Ridiculous.

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This is fucking ridiculous. My parents are practically forcing me to go to sleep at 1am.
Fucking bullshit i tell you.
‘Go to bed earlier and wake up earlier’ – what the hell is there to do in the morning? I should go out and become a ecstacy addicted nightclub goer , maybe that’ll slap some fucking sense into them.

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