Febuary the month of hope.

We enter Febuary!~ An amazing month… For all but Meng who forgot about his sodding ICT (computing) coursework.

The implimentation stage of my ICT coursework is due on the 18th.
No problem i hear you say , ive had since 17th of December to be working on it right – because im not a lazy bastard spending all my time playing games and chatting on IRC.
Obviously that makes me sound like i brought it upon myself but one must consider that i also had to study for January exams , work at that godforsaken restaurant , learn to drive a car and other bullshit.

I thought id show you all exactly how far ive gotten with my coursework , the pictures are rather large because i presume you all want to actually read the subjects im supposed to be doing and not just stare at small black lines in a sea of A4 paper.

I realise some of you (Hawk) will say this is self inflicted , but fuck you. I have a very busy life and dont have any time to waste on Silly activities

Offtopic here , but i would like to thank Anonymous1c4 for being the official mascot for quite possibly the most awesome forums in the world.
And thus, we thank you for without you our cottage would not be the same.

By the way , i encourage regular readers/commenters of the blog to sign up , the comments are currently set to auto approve of approved users. This means i dont have to actively approve of comments before they show up in the comments box thingy.

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