Worst Day at work Ever.

So the day started normal enough , a bit of a bullshit talk from the boss in a language i barely understand followed by a good 3 hours of normal work.

Then it all fell apart.

I pushed over a wine glass (on a table) and it smashed – it didnt even roll off the fucking table it just changed 90 degrees and smashed. Great.

Then i dropped a bottle of tiger beer and half a pint of Stella on myself and the floor (no breakages somehow) , then i got bitched at for shouting ‘FUCK’ in front of a large group of customers. [i was carrying 4 bottles of beer and 5 pint glasses in my defense]Then i dripped some form of sauce down my leg whilst carrying plates [i was carrying alot of plates in my defense]

By this time im pretty much ‘damp’ from the tits down , Stella artois and tiger over the right side of my body and some form of sauce over my left leg , my left toe is sore because my shoes are too small and there is a blister coming.
I make a bunch of other stupid mistakes as well and then finally…

Sharp pain in my gaming thumb!

Slight dramatization below


[Picture is a slight dramatization , it was actually glass in my thumb NOT tiberium.]

Fucking piece of glass in my thumb. wth? I still dont even know how it got there
Some pain and blood later i managed to get it out.

What a shit day :< ps.

Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill D:

pps. For those who havent noticed ive edited the links on the right of this page and changed the homepage to reflect the new sections of the site.