"Not today" says god in recent press conference.

So we all agreed we would start playing PSU on saturday night , after i come back from work.
Naturally everything that could have gone wrong went wrong short of god himself descending from the clouds to falcon punch my bus.

On a normal working friday/saturday at the restaurant , the customers all leave by 11:15 , this gives us a good 15 minutes to sweep and mop and just generally clean up the place and i will finish at around 11:30
Not Today. – A group of 40 (FORTY!!!) decided they would dick around right up until closing time then leave a shitton of stuff on the floor , tables , walls ,ceiling etc. So we cleaned until around 11:50

On a normal day, after we’ve finished we eat some supper and then leave
Not Today. – The boss decides to call a staff meeting after supper , he rambles on for around 15 minutes about teamwork etc etc. – its now 12:10 , i should have been home 10 minutes ago and halfway through my shower by now.

On a normal day, i can call my parents to pick me up if i want to because they have nothing better to do.
Not Today. -I call them only to find out they’re in Hastings (far away from me.) . Riiiight , guess i’ll have to take the bus.

On a normal day…. I DONT nearly get run over by the fucking bus.

I ~FINALLY~ get home at around 12:30 , which is actually pretty good considering the situation.

At last , i was ready to play. And play we did.

We played through the night , fighting along (and dying along in my case) such characters as bruce boyd , i finally gave in at 6am , purely because any less than 6 hours sleep is not a good idea when im going in for work. Which at time of posting – is in 20 minutes, and im fucking nakkered.

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  • I miss when you would bitch about this stuff on msn etc rather than make disgruntled blog posts. =(

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