A bit both ways.

Im sure you guys were wondering how my day at work went yesterday after staying up til 6am.
I bought the largest can of Red bull i could find , the size of a standard can (330ml).
The first 3 hours were alright , the obscene amounts of caffeine in the ‘bull’ kept me going .
After that. . .

As soon as the caffeine wore out it felt like i had been hit by a plane. Twice.


Im beginning to think that PSU may not have been such a good idea , it seems MMO’s can bring out the worst in people. The original idea was for us to be playing a 6 player co-op game but recently it seems to be decending into an ‘every man for himself salvage all you can em-up’
Maybe its just me but it doesent feel as team orientated as PSO did.

On the plus side i found out today that next week is college ‘case conference’ week , which basically means we get a week off. This will be great for catching up on my bullshit coursework