So the other day against my better judgement i went to see Cloverfield with some friends.
At the best parts of the film (which was pretty limited to that scene where beth or whatever her name was gets impaled and then sounds like she’s being raped as she walks) the entertainment value was fair at best , the rest of the film is generally you (the watcher) praying that the main characters die quickly and hoping that the bastard behind the camera finds a tripod somewhere.
This film is shakycam galore , i closed my eyes for the first 10 minutes of the film because it was whizzing all over the fucking place , it was like someone was playing quake 3 on a cinema screen.
The film also has no real ending , instead they drop the camera and it runs out of film – i suppose if you want an answer you could always wait for Cloverfield 2 , i personally will not.

Heres a picture of what i wish cloverfield was.