Phantasy Star Update and Smash Bros Brawl Music

Nothing much to blog about today so i’ll just leave you with some screenshots of me in Phantasy Star Universe

PSU room

PSU boss

And here is a picture of what my monitor looks like whilst im playing , the larger resolution really makes all the difference.

Ive been downloading the SSBB bgm GST (1gb worth D:) and the game really has some amazing music, all of the series included has a large variety of music from classic stages and such. eg.
Mario – NSMB , mario 64 , classic
Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong Country , Retro DK
Zelda – WW , TP , LTTP
Pokemon – Gold/silver , diamond/pearl , collesium
Metal Gear – MGS1 , MGS2 , Snake Eater , Alert Music , MGS2 Boss Battle Music
Sonic – Green hill zone , scrap brain zone and…. (its amazing)
ofc theres also a shitton of stuff from metroid , yoshi’s island , kirby , Starfox , F-zero , Fire emblem , earthbound , pikmin , Wario Ware , Animal Crossing , Kid icarus , and other stuff too.

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