Surrey University

So i went for an Interview at Surrey University today , the day involved sitting through a presentation of the Uni , then having a guided tour and finally the interview.

The campus is HUEEGEGGGGG , i mean i knew Universities were big but this was like trying to find your way through a small town. The uni had a starbucks,  a nightclub , 4 bars , 3 restaurants/cafes , laundrette , 2 post offices and probably some other shit ive forgotten to mention.

One the of the greatest things about the campus was the convinience store i went into. The term ‘convinience’ store used very literally because it had (and i shit you not) a wall of ramen , 8 shelves full infact. I really wish i had taken a picture but we were walking on the tour and i couldnt really stop.

The interview itself was rather laid back , i was – out of our group of 15 or so – the first person to be called for interview. However the interview was pretty laid back and just felt like a normal chat.
They said they’ll probably give me an offer , so pretty good i guezz.