Its like they don’t even have hit detection!

So i was sitting on the bus earlier today and a black woman sat next to me.
well.. next to me is somewhat misleading since she was practically fucking sittiing on top of me – the fat nig.

Ive noticed that this seems to happen alot , whenever i have to be directly next to them, they touch me.
It has happened numerous times on buses , where they sit so ridiculously close to you that their elbow is practically embedded in your chest.
It happened to me when i was on holiday in florida , little fat sweaty nig , getting his sweat over my arm ./cringe

And thus , i set out to find a defense. a counterattack.

The video i made immediately upon coming home will explain the rest i hope.

Unfortunately , the plot i came up with fell through , the ammunition for my plan just wouldnt fly far and fast enough to do any real damage to those bastard insensitive things.
Perhaps i shall return at some point in the future to further explore this – who knows what sort of form it will take on next time. If i had the ability to do Anonymous1c4’s SUV attack from PSU i’d be sorted.

On an unrelated note – I will be turning 19 tomorrow (the 28th of Febuary) , marking the last of my teenage years.
(*cough*Feel free to buy me something *coughcough*)