Day before the deadline

Remember ? Well the deadline is tomorrow (27th March , thursday) how far am i to finishing? (Thats an energy drink and pack of wine gums if you cant see) On an unrelated note , here is what i … Read More

Crackin’ DJ^Watch this video first for amazing^then watch this one for a better idea of what the game is like Amazing game which ive never heard of. Looks hella fun though – or at least the 30 year old business … Read More


Download ver 0.6 here – Songs here – The program is surprisingly well made and its pretty fun to play , there are the singstar PS2 packs floating around to be used with it.


Rave – Random – Picture of my old RO layout First line Q to Othen A to L , Z to . etcFighting is as follows…G , H , F , A , S , X , C , … Read More

Journey into Talisman Online

What the fuck? this game stole the WoW layout pixel for pixel i hear you screamyou’re fuckin right too. Shame it doesent play anywhere near as good as WoW does though. Journey Into Talisman Online – An epic tale told … Read More