The joys of neglected blogs

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I havent had much time to updatezor the old blogzor recently , as ive been busy with lifezor and suchzor.

You wait ages for a blog post and then two come along at once , lucky you guys.

On the Thursday was the mad rush to complete the coursework before the deadline , Friday was a chill day primarily spent doing nothing – aka. futile attempts at trying to get games of quake wars going.
I Installed ‘Jade Empire’ Out of boredom , which seems to be a pretty cool game. It’s a really well done port , supports joypad and my resolution and shit , and i can actually run everything on max without it having more jutters than Gareth Gates.

This morning (saturday) was another chill day, spent catching up on a little Bleach and Hayate with my brother , before playing some Warriors Orochi (Sun Ce @ level 32 w00t) and a little Maplestory (Level 20 w00t) [Im ashamed really.]

And then some Desktop Defense trying to beat my friends high score.

Dreams Dreams (Do not read whilst eating)

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So i cant remember the specifics of this dream as it happened on Thursday Night (and im typing this up on Saturday Night)

Im on a date with a certain someone , i think we were in some sort of restaurant.
I need to take a shit , REALLY badly.

I go to the toilets , only problem is , there are no actual toilets. What they have here instead are urinals with doors – so basically a normal toilet stall but with the toilet replaced with a fucking urinal. God i hate my dream world.

So anyway , i drop my trousers and my ass CHARGES ITS BROWN LASER , and by that i mean my asshole expands to the size of the fuckin’ obligator from Quake Wars  (click for amazing obligator picture) and disgusting brown/yellow shit starts to fill the urinal. I semi-stand-sit there for a good 3 minutes , this is one epicly huge shit.
I can feel it touching my asscheeks , the poo at this point has filled up the urinal and is starting to mould itself around my ass and up my thighs – this is probably the most disgusting thing ive ever experienced in my life , particularly as the poo is in one steaming lump and has the texture of mashed sweet potatoes (For those who have not had mashed sweet potatoes before – think normal mashed potatoes but slightly lumpier… and with strands.). At last , i stop shitting. I reach for the toilet paper. . . . . . . .
. . .
. . .
Theres no toilet paper.

Now , how i resolve this problem ive actually forgotten. i believe i found something and used it to wipe my ass.
I do however remember standing up and seeing a urinal filled to the brim with shit and having the shape of my ass moulded into it.
I put back on my trousers , which is a horrible feeling considering i was pretty sure i didnt manage to wipe all the shit off my thighs.
And then , as i walk out of the toilet , i wake up.

I bolt upright in bed and look under my covers…
My boxers and shorts are wedged up my ass , which is pretty disgusting , but at the same time i’m just glad i didn’t shit myself in my sleep.

Conflict Denied Ops , Denied because its shit.

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Not only did they somehow manage to make this game run horribly , it also looks horrible , plays horrible and sounds horrible.

The voice acting is weak at best , the gunplay is boring , the enemies have the intelligence of damilkman and in general it declines into a really horrible horrible generic first person shooter.

The gimmick in this game is not time slowing or super powers like alot of other FPS games , but its that you have a friend with you and you can switch into him to play – effectively you play as two people at the same time. The way this is done is so poor and clunky that you’ll likely never want to bother using it which ends up with your sniper guy running directly at people whilst your heavy machine gun tank guy sprays bullets across the level in a futile attempt to kill enemies. Hell – even clive barkers jericho did this shit better.
Did i mention the bloom is ridiculous and unbearable? as this video will show. (3mb)
I award this game with the diamondandy award , and by that i mean its fucking horrible and you should never have to be exposed to this. Stay well away.

Counter Strike – the Pubmasters

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After bringing up the topic the other day in vent i was surprised to hear that apparently none of you have seen the pubmasters movies.
Both definately worth a watch if you’ve ever played CS.

Pubmasters the Movie  (google video stream) (downloads through xfire)

 Pubmasters the Movie 2 (google Video stream) (downloads through xfire)

Im redownloading both of them now because i havent seen them in so long.
these videos pretty much got me into CS back in the day.

Huge Graphics Cards are HUEG

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So i was updating myself on the latest news of the graphics card market and such.
Turns out that the 9800GTX and 9800GX2 will be releasing in the next 2 weeks.

A look on wiki showed the following for the GTX (screw the GX2 , its going to cost around £440 apparently)

$350 isnt TOO bad for a brand new card of a new generation , what concerned me however is the 267mm long part.

If its anywhere as long as the 9800GTX which apparently looks like this –

Then im royally fucked.

So i popped my case open and got out my tape measure to see if i could squeeze such an obtrusively long card into my PC.

My current 7600GT comes in at 170mm…
Oh dear.

The first line as you may have guessed is my graphics card , the second line is how long it needs to be, this doesent look like much in the above picture. but its pretty damned huge.
I shooped up this image to give a better idea…

Thats only approximate and it is probably very slightly less than that , alternatively , thats 100% correct and its just that fucking stupidly long.

ps. lol heatsink. Sean would be proud.
pps. wow , either my fans are running pretty slow or this digi cam is really beast , they don’t even look like they’re turned on.

Video Links

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Slightly entertaining ETQW video. Only made entertaining by anonymous saying he has a giant penis obligator and to hear boyce’s reaction when i get tanked.

Theres also the CS 1.6 video of us shield whoring for anyone who hasnt seen it yet. –

Im working on putting together a ETQW video , then ill throw some music over the top and record in 720p and upload to vimeo :D

There is also a new video out by 06230713 , 【バケ美】Yes! プリキュア5G…

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