Boycott Youtube.

So after uploading another touhou video it occured to me just how horribly bad youtube is.

320×240 resolution quality AND it suplexes the quality somehow in its conversion phase.

After Stage6 went down due to funding and whatever it would appear a new site has risen to take its place.
Boyce introduced me to Vimeo earlier
What it would appear to be is a crossbreed between youtube and flickr , taking the good parts of both and combining it into an awesome HD video displaying monster website.

It supports – Up to 720p video (1280×720) , decent tagging system, more thumbnail choices than youtube , the ability to download videos from the site in actual file types (AVI and such.) and of course everything else that youtube does such as commenting , rating etc.

here is a demonstration of the difference in quality between Youtube and Vimeo.

Notice how you can actually read the fucking text in the Vimeo version.

I propose that we boycott youtube and use Vimeo from now on. When youtube realises that nobody is using their POS service any more they may take their thumbs out of their asses and allow people to submit videos which arent borderline unviewable.
Of course we wont care because we’ll all be watching stuff in 720p on Vimeo.

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