Asian Party

Okay well not so much a party of such…i think.

One of the full timers at work was leaving and thus was throwing somewhat of a party. This party was to take place in the form of a hotpot/steamboat (details on wtf this is later) after work. I said id go along – there was food to be eaten after all.

11:30pm – Work finishes and we all sit down and chill out (everything so far is normal)

11:35pm – One of the girls pulls out a video camera and everything goes to shit , music starts playing and karaoke singing/dancing time begins. Everyone seems to know the lyrics and ‘moves’ aside from me. Its pretty entertaining just watching them.

11:45pm – Some white girl walks in to the shop , apparently she’s a friend of the guy who is leaving. She doesent understand chinese and has no knowledge of the culture apparently. Finally~ someone in a more awkward position than me.

11:50pm – YMCA.

12am – We leave the shop and head over to the guys place.

12:05am – So apparently everyone who works in that shop lives in this one building , the first floor is full of chefs , and the third floor is full of waiting staff

12:06am – We reach his place – i say his place , this is untrue because of about 12 people live there. (or somewhere around that number)
We walk through and go into the room with the hotpot – jesus fuck there isĀ  8 people here! ~ My toilet is bigger than this room!
The room has 2 bunk beds , a small sofa and some sort of small cabinet which people had decided to sit on, All surrounding a tiny table with the hotpot in the middle.
–For the uneducated i shall now explain what exactly a hotpot is ~ Imagine cooking your food in a boiling pot of water. Now imagine cooking your food , and then as soon as its finished cooking you take it out and eat it. Now replace the water with liquid fire (supersuperspicyshit) .–
Remember to replace you cooking… with around 10 people and replace the kitchen with a very small bedroom.

12:20am – jesus christ this is spicy


12:45am – Beer is discovered

1am – red facing begins , although this time everyone is doin it.

1:45am – everyone is done , mass laptops come out

2am – I take my leave


Asian Parties are certainly different.