Only in kenya?

So upon meeting the most amazing girl ill ever get to meet in my life in biology class i was inspired to go check out Magical Trevor which i havent seen in what feels like forever.

To my surprise on the weebl and bob page not much had changed.
Aside from the fact that when i click ‘toons’ or whatever it was , the ‘mixed toons’ section now spans 9 pages.

After a bit of searching i found another old gem which i used to love.
The shocking thing is this however…


I feel so damned old right now. I remember when this shit was new.

ps. totally rocking the whole daily post shit recently. This post’ll probably jinx it though.

pps. Yesterdays post was actually my 100th post on this blog. Time sure flies huh?

ppps. If you havent already done so , everyone should check the forums for an amazing new thread , exception is boyce who doesn’t need t.