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Firstly something i found in my hotmail account.
i do love the fact that after you open the email and attachment theres no complaining from your end because you pretty much ran into it.

Secondly , a picture of my copy of MUGEN. If anyone can identify 20 characters they get mad reppin’ in a future blog post , possibly with mad photoshops of them throwing grizzly bears at lions or something manly like that.


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  • Nguman says:

    1.) May (Guilty Gear)
    2.) Jill Valentine (Marvel vs Capcom 2, Resident Evil)
    3.) Terry Bogard (Garou, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters)
    4.) Ryu (Street Fighter)
    5.) Ken (Street Fighter)
    6.) Joe Higashi (Fatal Fury, King of Fighters)
    7.) Megaman Zero (Megaman, SvC:Chaos)
    8.) Raiden (King of Fighters)
    9.) M.Bison (Street Fighter 2)
    10.) K’ (King of Fighters 2001)
    11.) Balrog (Street Fighter 2)
    12.) Akuma (Street Fighter 2)
    13.) Rock Howard (Garou: Mark of the Wolves/King of Fighters: Maximum Impact)
    14.) Chun-Li (Street Fighter 2)
    15.) Sagat (Street Fighter)
    16.) Iori (King of Fighters)
    17.) Billy Kane (King of Fighters)
    18.) Heidern (Ikari Warriors, King of Fighters)
    19.) Kyo (King of Fighters)
    20.) Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)
    If you want I can actually show you where they are.

  • 1. Jill Valentine
    (Gulty Gear Chars. – Bottom right corner)
    2. Venom
    3. Faust
    4. A.B.A
    5. Johnny
    6. I.No
    7. Ky Kiske
    8. Dizzy
    9. Chip Zanuff
    10. Bridget
    11. Slayer
    12. Sol Badguy
    (Street Fighter Chars. – Bottom mid left corner)
    13. Ryu
    14. Ken
    15. Chun-Li
    16. M.Bison/Vega/Dictator
    17. Sakura
    18. Dan Hibiki
    19. Cammy White
    20. Kyosuke (Rival Schools)
    Too easy! And I noticed you have multiple versions of the same characters, I take it they’re the CvS/CvS2 chars and/or the KOF/Orochi Saga/XI chars, right?

  • Yeah , there are CVS chars and shit.
    Also. nguman beat you to it. ill be damned if im photoshopping any more pictures.

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