Phoenix Wright goes to PC’s in japan

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Daletto is helping Capcom port the three Game Boy Advance Gyakuten Saiban (Ace Attorney) games into downloadable PC games. Instead of selling each complete game PC Saiban will be broken into episodes. The first piece from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney goes live on March 18 and it’s free to download. Future episodes cost 120 yen each, which is not the price per turnabout. The four chapters dealing with Wright, Edgeworth and the DL-6 incident are split into 17 parts. Since you only have to pay for 16 the total cost for the PC version is 1,920 yen ($18.75).


Personally , i think this sounds awesome. If any game would work well fine on a console or pc it would be this. It would be great to be able to look at the game in a nice big size.
Shame there is no word at the moment on localization for anywhere other than Japan. I do presume it wouldnt be too hard to localize it for everywhere else considering its already been trasnlated into english the for PW games for DS.

We’ll wait and see i guess , but ill probably get it anyway even if it isnt in english purely to see Maya and Franziska in HD – assuming the game is in HD that is.

Adrian Andrews was pretty hot too.

and pearls. 

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