Huge Graphics Cards are HUEG

So i was updating myself on the latest news of the graphics card market and such.
Turns out that the 9800GTX and 9800GX2 will be releasing in the next 2 weeks.

A look on wiki showed the following for the GTX (screw the GX2 , its going to cost around £440 apparently)

$350 isnt TOO bad for a brand new card of a new generation , what concerned me however is the 267mm long part.

If its anywhere as long as the 9800GTX which apparently looks like this –

Then im royally fucked.

So i popped my case open and got out my tape measure to see if i could squeeze such an obtrusively long card into my PC.

My current 7600GT comes in at 170mm…
Oh dear.

The first line as you may have guessed is my graphics card , the second line is how long it needs to be, this doesent look like much in the above picture. but its pretty damned huge.
I shooped up this image to give a better idea…

Thats only approximate and it is probably very slightly less than that , alternatively , thats 100% correct and its just that fucking stupidly long.

ps. lol heatsink. Sean would be proud.
pps. wow , either my fans are running pretty slow or this digi cam is really beast , they don’t even look like they’re turned on.