Conflict Denied Ops , Denied because its shit.

Not only did they somehow manage to make this game run horribly , it also looks horrible , plays horrible and sounds horrible.

The voice acting is weak at best , the gunplay is boring , the enemies have the intelligence of damilkman and in general it declines into a really horrible horrible generic first person shooter.

The gimmick in this game is not time slowing or super powers like alot of other FPS games , but its that you have a friend with you and you can switch into him to play – effectively you play as two people at the same time. The way this is done is so poor and clunky that you’ll likely never want to bother using it which ends up with your sniper guy running directly at people whilst your heavy machine gun tank guy sprays bullets across the level in a futile attempt to kill enemies. Hell – even clive barkers jericho did this shit better.
Did i mention the bloom is ridiculous and unbearable? as this video will show. (3mb)
I award this game with the diamondandy award , and by that i mean its fucking horrible and you should never have to be exposed to this. Stay well away.