The joys of neglected blogs

I havent had much time to updatezor the old blogzor recently , as ive been busy with lifezor and suchzor.

You wait ages for a blog post and then two come along at once , lucky you guys.

On the Thursday was the mad rush to complete the coursework before the deadline , Friday was a chill day primarily spent doing nothing – aka. futile attempts at trying to get games of quake wars going.
I Installed ‘Jade Empire’ Out of boredom , which seems to be a pretty cool game. It’s a really well done port , supports joypad and my resolution and shit , and i can actually run everything on max without it having more jutters than Gareth Gates.

This morning (saturday) was another chill day, spent catching up on a little Bleach and Hayate with my brother , before playing some Warriors Orochi (Sun Ce @ level 32 w00t) and a little Maplestory (Level 20 w00t) [Im ashamed really.]

And then some Desktop Defense trying to beat my friends high score.