Battlefield 2

So i was pondering writing about the april fools stuff, but i cant really be fucked. If you missed it , you missed it. its g0ne.
I do believe VGcats had a collection of some groovy stuff from april fools though.

On to the subject at hand.

Battlefield 2 , ive played it around 5-6 hours and i hate it to bits already.

My qualms with the game :

– Air vehicles dominate everything , followed by tanks and APC’s

– The sprinting is fucking pathetic , even the classes with supposedly longer sprinting distance only changes the sprinting from ‘Absolutely useless’ to ‘Shit’

– Instant Knife kills (not even backstab) , My character can take 3 rifle bullets but being poked in the arm with a knife kills me in one hit? :/

– All of the weapons have shit accuracy , whilst this may be more realistic it generally makes the game more shit.

– The only way to not have shit accuracy is to go prone. What this basically results in is everyone sprinting around and as soon as they see you they go prone and start shooting – no strafe battles , nada . Just a race to see who can hit Z first and aim onto the other player.

– Rocket launcher is useless. nuff said. – It does about 1/4-1/3 damage to a tank/APC and is stupidly hard to kill infantary with because it has the splash damage range of a piece of cheese.

– No widescreen support. Honestly. wtf.

Stupid levels of fog on some of the maps , infact , all of the maps. Would it be so hard to let us have unlimited draw distance?

– Too many servers with Strike at karkand on.

– Lack of ingame friends list/clan/anything

All in all , not sure how long i’ll end up playing this one for. The combat itself doesent seem very fun but the larger maps are kinda cool i guess. Playing this only makes me wish Enemy Territory: Quake wars had larger maps because the fighting in that is vastly superior imho.