Books / Dream again

So i don’t read many books. Why? Because they just don’t grip me. I find them slow and usually boring.
The only book ive ever read without being forced is Angels and Demons by Dan Brown , which was pretty good i suppose.

I was browsing mininova today and came across the book section. . .
Below is a screenshot of the amazingness i saw.

I tell you now , if waterstones or WHsmiths sold this sort of thing id probably read lots of books because all of the books would be amazing.

A negative Calorie diet? wow , how does that even work? my guess is that the book goes into extreme details of how to thrust your forefinger and middle finger down your throat to induce Xtreme projectile vomiting

Origami Mega pack pretty much speaks for itself.

Ultimate Mind Control is always useful , i mean , its not even standard mind control , its ULTIMATE mind control. I expect this to be on the level that Homo wan kenobu uses.

The Secret sounds cool , although its probably a flipbook of never gonna give you up. – which is still pretty fucking cool.

Hypnotise your lover – Im downloading this now , will feed back when i get it. Im confused as to whether it refers to ones you love or people who actually love you back. I certainly hope its the former.

Full hypnosis course is pretty useful no matter what way you look at it.

And of course everyone needs the complete steroid handbook. You wouldnt want to be taking the wrong steroids now would you?

Filler blog? Yeah, i suppose so.

On a side note i had a really beast dream last night , i cant remember the specifics but i do remember meeting Kylie Minogue somewhere and then going to her house (i think.) , she then was doing a… nude photo shoot. *shrug*
I also remember later in that dream i was getting chased by police after an MTV stunt i was part of went wrong , one minute there was loads of dancing singing black people and then POLICE. I ran for my life , scrambled up a dirt hill clutching onto weeds and small shrubs. I then fought off a Ninja lady dressed in blue or red , i cant remember. My head is foggy after that , i think i won though.

There really needs to be some sort of machine invented to record your dreams so you can watch them back in your own time.