South Park – Canada’s on Strike (aka. the internet meme episode)

For those of you lucky enough to be in America and have not seen it , you can do so here :

Theres been a lot of discussion over this episode , some people liked it , some people didn’t.
Personally , i was one of those who didn’t. The Entire episodeĀ  overall was pretty boring and shitty – the plot was weaker than the Guitar Queer-o episode of south park, which says alot.
The actual internet memes section of the episode lasts somewhere in the region of 1 to 2 minutes of a 25 minute episode and to be frank , ive never even heard of half of the ‘memes’.
Those featured were ‘numa numa guy’ , ‘star wars kid’ , ‘chocolate rain guy’ , ‘tron guy’ (who?) , ‘Sneezing panda’ (whoo???) , Afro ninja (at least ive heard of this one) , and ‘Dramatic Stare gopher’ (whom is currently doing rather well on youtube).

By reading the previous paragraph you’ve actually spoiled any reason for you to watch the episode itself. Lucky you.

Also. the south park stuidos website hates foreigners.

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