Driving Theory Test Done

Had my Driving Theory Test today , the test consists of two parts , the first is multiple choice and has 50 questions (1 hour) and the second half is identifying hazards in a video.

My score was 49/50 and the only question i got wrong was:
“A little girl has been in a car accident , she needs mouth to mouth , when giving mouth to mouth you should do so:
[ ] A. Gently
[X] B. Heavily
[ ] C. Quickly
[ ] D. Bukkake”
(i couldnt remember the last option)
But anyway , i chose heavily because it made sense , but it was wrong :<
Fuck knows why i was even being tested on Mouth to mouth resuscitation in a driving Theory test.

The Second part of the test i got 54/75 , with the pass being 44.
Not bad i guess.
Now to book my practical Test D:

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