‘Flow’ for the PSP

Usually , games with no objective fail horribly.
The exception to this would probably be Gmod and a few other games which I cant really think of right now.

So here comes Flow , weighing in at approximately 90mb.
The games objective : None
The games storyline : None
The games anything : None

The game throws you in with its tagline of ‘go with the flow’
No instructions , no nothing.
You play as a weird Pacman-esque style amoeba thing and float around what i can only assume is some sort of pond.
The aim of the game which i decided myself is to eat everything else in the pond , very similar to feeding frenzy or one of those sort of popcap games that you can get for 5 bucks in some crack alleys of the interwebs. Your pacman thing grows slightly the more things you ingest until.. well. i don’t fucking know. it bored the shit out of me 3 minutes in. Imagine playing pacman without ghosts – and you’re playing Flow.

In the games defence im sure it (probably) gets more intresting the further on you go , but i have not the time nor the patience to get that far. Games are supposed to be fun and feel rewarding , not an everlasting journey into ‘is this game gonna get fun yet?’

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