Final Fantasy Crisis Core : First Impressions

Its a game for the raging FF7 fanboys , thats for sure.

The opening sequence is basically a remixed version of the original opening for Final Fantasy 7 , right down to the music playing. The only difference now of course is that everything looks amazing , CG videos crop up every 5 minutes with visuals so impressive you occasionally forget you’re playing a portable game.

And then you get down to the game itself , i believe its a substory to FF7 , however ill be honest. I havent a fucking clue , i finished the original game when i was like 10 (aka. a long damn time ago.) and as such i cant remember shit all about the plotline of FF7 other than Aeris died and that i was really happy i decided not to level her.

The combat system in Crisis Core is certainly an odd one , Think final fantasy 12 combat system with enemies which appear in front of you in MMO style , then strip out your automated teammates and then control your main character yourself. You move the character around using the analogue and then action using X , dodge using Square and Defend using Triangle – ‘Action’ is selected by using L and R and ranges from ‘Attack’ to ‘Thunderga’ to ‘Potion’. So to recap – its FF12 on your jays (on your own) with a slightly fiddly dynasty warrioresque ‘mash X to kill shit’ style with Devil May Cry style ‘GTFO roll’ by mashing square when the enemies swing at you.

From this picture we can see , HP , MP , AP at the bottom left , XP on the bottom left (which has been moved to the top left in the version i have) , at the top left , the slots system (read below) and at the bottom right the ‘Actions’ bar , currently selected is attack but by hitting R it’ll cycle one place to the right where for example it might be Firaga, you then hit X and it’ll use the spell instead of normal attack

It sounds confusing and probably a little bad , but let me tell you , its good , and its a welcome change from turn based boringness
Oh right , since this IS first impressions i still dont know whats going on , but Limit breaks and stuff seems to be done randomly , at the top left a slots wheel is constantly spinning , it’ll give you random buffs and shit every now and then and occasionally , a limit break. *shrug*
The graphics and stuff in this game are amazing , easily on par with some PS2 games. The game also features alot of voice acting along with its cutscenes (and alot of cutscenes obviously) in true Final Fantasy Style.

As a final fantasy game , it looks to be pretty decent
As a final fantasy 7 sidestory game , it looks to be pretty confusing considering i don’t remember the story anymore
As a PSP game im overjoyed and amazed. I think i know what will be on my PSP for the next few months.

As i said before though , this IS a first impression , as always my first impressions are subject to change and if i decide later on that the game is utter shit , you’ll be reading about it soon enough.

FF7CC Preview Score : 8.5 / 10 dondochakas
(yes , ill be scoring shit from now on so that those of you who can’t appreciate good old fashioned text reviews can just skip down to the bottom and choke on a dick)

Other info : Approx 1gb to download , 1.7GB ISO , 1.1GB CSO @ lvl 9

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  • fuck giving scores to games. dat shit be retarded, yo, yahtzee told me so.

    also kinda suprised that you liked it. i heard some pretty dissappointed reactions when it came out

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