Elebits / Eledees Review

Its not often enough that games come along with quirky ideas that – although random and strange – just work. An example of such would be the katamari Damacy series , i mean for gods sake the game is rolling a fucking ball around.

So comes forth Elebits then (or Eledees as its known in Europeland) , the jist of this game is to zap little blue critterthings with your lazer gun. They hide everywhere , under boxes , behind vases , under cars , buried underground with carrots , EVERYWHERE.

Its useful then that your lazer zap gun thing also doubles as a gravity gun then , almost identical to the physics gun in Garry’s Mod , this gun lets you pick stuff up and lob it around the place , You power up the gun by zapping Yellow elebits , you find yellow elebits by turning on electrical appliances , you turn on electrical appliances by zapping the blue elebits.

This kinda gives the katamari leveling up effect , You start on the small stuff , finding blue elebits by tossing around small pieces of paper or whatever , power up some appliances – say for example , a washing machine , by opening the door with your zapgun and then putting some dirty laundry inside , zap the yellow elebits , power up , and then repeat , except this time replacing tossing small pieces of paper with tossing around chairs , and then soon tables , pianos , cars , lorrys…..

The Elebits themselves have a fair bit of variety , although you’ll find yourself zapping the same stuff through the majority of the game , there are a few basic types , normal , flying , teleporting , hidden and then come the more obscure ones like the black elebits which basically flying headbutt you if you zap them. (aka. annoying niggerelebit)

The fun is slightly spoiled by the wii being a piece of shit , you could probably tape a sega saturn and a dreamcast together and manage to pull better framerates than the wii can. In a game which involves throwing tables into piles of other tables , having strong hardware makes all the difference. The game as such suffers from some slowdown – which is a huge shame.

All in all though , definately a fun game , the music is fairly good and the gameplay concept is brilliant. You can feel like a ghostbuster or a mousehunter depending on how you feel on the day.
Good stuff.
9/10 (although i did get it for free)
For those of you who have to pay for stuff , 7/10 because although great fun , it lacks reply value.
Id advise buying a pre-owned or something (where it goes for £10-£20) , or maybe even rental and then muller it in like 3 days before you have to return it.