So its after work on a saturday.

They’re all talking some shit about… shit.

They’re all having a conversation about how cool i am (im serious. Infact , this is the second half of that conversation , the first half was how handsome i am. – again. i really wish i was joking here.)
After a minute or so of conversation one of them turns round to me and says ‘Do you like da killer?’
Obviously , being able to speak english and such , i just assumed he was talking about the band ‘The Killers’ (somebody told me / When you were young / Mr Brightside etc etc)
I responded with ‘they’re okay…i guezz’ as i normally do when i dont know what else to say in a conversation.
He starts laughing.
I stand there , perplexed.
“Okay , we call you killer from now on yeah?”

I stand there , still perplexed.
“Uh… sure.” I say ,  as i put on my coat and quickly walk out.