HawkAhriman’s 19th Birthday Present

So yesterday (24th April) was Hawk’s 19th birthday , i had to make sure to get him a present he would never forget.

I wish i had friends this awesome. Every birthday would be 200 times more amazing.

The Jam donut was nice – in case you were wondering.

Now for the super amazing.

I am the king of present giving.
No Contest.

additional info on games:
Tiger woods – 2009 , gamespot rating 9.3
Black and White – 2001 , gamespot rating 9.3
M&M’s Maths Game – 2001
Aquanox 2 – 2003 , gamespot rating 5.8

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  • this is cool and all but pretty much every birthday for the rest is gonna suck now

    how do you follow shit like this?

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