Piano Rock. Its a genre.


Found this stuff by accident pretty much , but everyone loves Pianos and everyone loves Rock.

Jack’s Manequin , Ben Folds ,and The Fray are all pretty cool for chillout music , i wouldnt really call them rock but more like putting a good beat to piano music and some vocals. Which is always good.

Ive only had small listens to each of them but Jack’s Mannequin definitely has something special going on – shame half the time the music feels like it belongs in a greys anatomy ‘reflection scene’.
I uploaded one of my favorite tracks by them for you guys to have a sample , they sound REALLY similar to some other band ive heard before but i cant remember what the other band was called.
‘How to save a life’ by The Fray is a great track also.(full track available for stream @ http://www.last.fm/music/The+Fray/_/How+to+Save+a+Life ) , imo anyway.

Least it aint no Oasis.

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  • “shame half the time the music feels like it belongs in a greys anatomy ‘reflection scene’.”

    The only reason you like it.

    It’s alright, but I don’t like the singer and it doesn’t really seem like anythin’ to right home about.

    Also, How to save a life is another one of those medical drama-esque tracks.

    Yeah, you right, it ain’t g0t n3293hr5in on “($H)ZASSZ!E”$

    also. I SUCK COCKS.

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