Yu-Gi-Oh Online : Duel Evolution

Oh shit. I hope this is worth it , its 1gb to download you know.

The game starts up and you get the most amazing electric guitar explode in your face with some drums backing up its awesome.

The create a character screen , ripped straight from ‘Super Kawaii desu neko neko princess dress up sim’ found on the newgrounds frontpage.

(from here on the pictures are clickable for HD goodness.)

I get into game with my awesome looking badass character and try to step out of the door. bam. Err0r’d , this isnt looking good.

I try again , this time i get an Xfire error , i close Xfire and try one more time – i really want to play this game.

This is what my deck looks like , straight out of beginner school. Ive seen that dark magician guy on TV though so i guess im as cool as yugi.
I also get an amazing monster called ‘DissolveRock’ or some shit – ‘he’s a winner for sure’ i thought as i looked at his picture.

You’re fucked. just give me your star chips or whatever the hell we’re playing for and step away.

looking good , i got out of my room without crashing this time. Unfortunately I also seem to have stumbled into the Japanese channel. I don’t feel like getting my ass handed to me just yet so i guess ill go find an English channel.

Found the English channel – Do i wanna duel? Yeah i wanna fuckin’ Duel.
Me and ma dissolverock are ready for your green hair.

Of course I win , stupid bitch. She didn’t even know how to play this childrens card game.
note also the amazing placement of cursor on her preteen nipple – She loves that shit.

My character is so badass also.

This concludes my short tour of Yu-Gi-Oh Online.
Download etc is here : http://www.yugioh-online.net/top/english/index.html