Turok : First Impressions

I’ve spent about half an hour on this game so far , i would like to spend more time playing it but im finding it hard to.

First things first , this game is about as optimized as a straight mans ass is to being violated by cock.
And by that i mean , really really really not.
I have all of the settings on absolute minimum (1024×768 , bilinear filtering , lowest models , lowest enviroment) and can’t keep a steady framerate over 15 FPS , its horribly juttery and makes the game rather unenjoyable.

The only other comment i can make on the game is that its somewhat horribly made.
After completing an area i ran around for about 10 minutes not knowing where to go – the level designer was clearly off his face when making the level as there is honestly no indication of where to go or what you’re supposed to be looking for.

The combat system seems clunky and uninspired so far , ive run into a few little dinosaurs which ensued in a sprayfest into tall grass @ 10fps.
Ive also run into this fella.

Summary :

First impressions are bad , i’ll admit that i will have to wait until i can play it at a steady framerate (which would be 30fps because they decided to cap it) before i destroy the game completely.
The dinosaurs could be fun to fight , of course ill never find out because i cant get out of that damned area because the stupid game has no hints as to where im supposed to be going.
A poor attempt at a revival of a classic game, i can only hope it gets much better later on and when played on a decent PC.

ps. 12gb iso.

pps. the installer has the most annoying music playing when you’re installing it.