T-Shirt making

So i went to college today as normal expecting everything to be normal and normally everything is normal but today was not normal it was the opposite of normal it was Bizarre , which i suppose is a good thing because im supposed to be having a bizarre adventure right?


In the College Cafeteria there was some sort of event going on , live singing , bracelet making , some other origami looking thing and then… Tshirt painting.

Being the innovation master that i am , i knew i had to make something.

After a little thinking , i decided to go with this idea , inspired by this famoose website/picture.

(alternate angle)

It was pretty hard to do because of the way the paint was , you kinda had to squeeze the tube so that it falls on it properly.

A friend i was with made one too , hers is almost as amazing as mine.

Ftr. Disco-Ball Head Man He4d M4n!™ , is a superhero who can shoot laserbeams out of his Discoball head , he likes to toast bread with aforementioned Laserbeams however the evil scorpions try to stop him by soaking the bread with their watergun tails.

Not my creation , my creation was a guy that hates everyone and throws his eyeballs at people (the eyeballs grow back obviously) and can emit really bad annoying reggae music.

Heres one more picture, this time of all the other shirts people were making , they pale in comparison though.

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