8th may – out with frances

8 pack of twisters on the bench by the lake

ice skating for an hour an a half

went to the post office , got a can of relentless (shit) and got her a whistle pop thing

went through the arcade , she made me sit on a rupert car thing and took a picture

popped into the disney store and tried hula hooping , failed

Walked past some people promoting trident soft , got about 6 sticks

Ran into felix and Lam whilst walking , i think they were holding hands o_o

went into HMV to look at stuff , saw £120 headphones ,she was too busy looking for the anime section

Went into waterstones to look at manga amongst other stuff , like that doodle book.

Sat on the indoor bench for a bit and called hoem to tell them we wont be back for dinner

Went out and headed to the brewery to play 2 games of pool , she’s really bad at it.

Went down into sainsburys to look for something to eat , after much deliberation , whole cooked chicken , tissues , BBQ sauce , 2 liters of fruit juice and some cookies.

Went for walkies again , from the brewery to the church to the town hall and then round the back to where cash converters is , then sat at a bench near burger king

Tried on her top , its far too small for me.

Headed back to the bus stop and bid goodbye