Huh? What happened and where am i?

So Last night i wasnt online , shame because i kinda felt like playing some TF2.

Let me explain what happened.

At 8pm i felt rather sleepy , i thought id take a bit of a nap til 9:30pm.

The have a weird dream which i cant remember now (something about being locked out of a museum) and then my alarm goes off.

At this point im ultra mega tired so i jump out of bed and switch the alarm off , i glance at the time.


Fuck this shit , im not waking up at 9:30am (it was actually 9:30pm and still Friday)

I jump back into bed

My alarm goes off again. – I turn it off and look at the time. 8:20

I spent the next 20 minutes working out exactly what the fuck just happened and whether or not i actually went back in time or not , whether i had slept from 9:30am saturday to 8:20am sunday , whether i dreamed about waking up at 9:30 , whether im actually in a dream still etc etc.

So yeah, that’s what happened , i think.