Gundemonium Recollection

So i found this game the other day , its a sidescrolling shooter , its called ‘Gundemonium Recollection’

its pretty cool , and hard , although not as good as ‘Jets n Guns’ which i talked about a good while ago. (which i still up for download for those who never played it)

Some screenshots , only of level 1 because i actually haven’t gotten any further because i keep dying.

Game has standard attack, mana attack ( which is like a little spell for your character , can slow down time ,shoot special attacks , laz0r b34m , etc ) , and of course Bomb attack – which generally clears the screen of anything bad or ups your firepower to rid0culous levels

I also uploaded a 3 minute video to youtube. –

You can probably find this at your local warez site if you want it.

In other news , got up to tainted lovers in Gitaroo Man on Masters play
Also Everyday shooter is pretty cool , an interesting mix between geometry wars and Every Extend Extra ,