When you cant think of something to blog about ,take to wikipedia!

Its pretty fun to look through and search for the games you used to play as a wee lad/lass

‘bulldog’ , ‘Blind mans bluff’ , ‘Tag’ , ‘Floor is lava’ , ‘sleeping lions’ etc.

And then of course there were the pokemon cards – i remember this one time in my primary school where some kid’s Charizard got jacked from his drawer in school.

Speaking of weird toys , does anyone remember those long stretchy sticky things? those were awesome.

Oh and the Sour Spray things! where you spray it into your mouth (and then quickly finish it and replace the liquid with something better tasting or harder to get out of hair)

I also remember the yoyo generation , but that got banned pretty quickly because all the guys would just try doing ‘Around the world’ and end up smacking people in the face with them.

Im just waffling now. Oh how i miss my childhood.

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