Left 5 Dead

I lost interest in Left 4 Dead a while ago , the initial idea sounded great but then further details came out very slowly and little by little i realised I didn’t really care as i probably wouldn’t end up getting the game – especially when they announced the price tag would be somewhere around the price of £20-£30

This opinion changed after i saw the Left 4 Dead interview thing linked on that general shitfest of a webcomic Penny Arcade , i call it a shitfest of a comic but still read it , not sure why.
Moving swiftly on.


After seeing that gameplay video , this looks AWESOME.
Although only if you have good friends to play it with , it will inevitably suck major ass playing with strangers.

The ‘zombies’ or infected whatever they’re called in this game- look pretty intense , i always thought they would be the walkover zombies from Resident Evil 1 or the Failure Gonad people from Resident Evil 4 who slowly march towards you.
Nuhuh , these bastards have been starved , they’re hungry , they’re vicious , and best of all (in the video at least) they’re relentless. Sprinting at the player from every direction and then viciously clawing them to death – these guys are the saviors of this game.

And then there are those boss monsters and such , which werent featured much in the video but will probably be rather awesome to deal with in the same way that Nemesis from RE3 was awesome to deal with (and by that i mean OHSHITNEMESIS RUN FOR YOUR LIFE)

The only worrying thing about this game from my perspective would be the levels would get boring after a while , sure they talk about changing the AI and adapting it and randomly generating blah blah. It all sounds very good on the surface but it will inevitably get boring going through the same levels again and again.
Lets look at other popular FPS games , CS and TF2 , both definately feature some good AI , and by AI i mean actual people , people who will do any strategy and range from pro to complete noob – sure de_dust2 is fun for a long time but theres only so many ways you can do things before you run out of ideas.
Hopefully there will be a map maker of some sort , that would  be good , yes.
hope you’re reading this turtlerock. Mapmaker. Okay?
Also , £10 RRP kthx.

Lets just hope it doesent turn into Zombie panic eh , which was fun for like a whole 5 minutes.

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  • stopped reading at “shitfest of a webcomic penny arcade”

    fuuuuuck you. PA is awesome.

  • I don’t know how many of their comics ive read , but i think ive only actually laughed at like 1 of them.
    You have no opinion , go back to reading your art-student webcomic

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