You Tee Three?

So uh… yeah.

I downloaded UT3 ages ago and only recently just tried playing it online.

Apparently it works , ive tried 3 servers so far.
Server 1 : Played through one game , then got disconnected and found i was signed out , signed back in fine
Server 2 : Disconnected From server before i even joined
Server 3 : Worked flawlessly , although i had a KDR of like 1:8

The people who play online clearly play constantly and never do anything else because half the time when im playing i dont even get to see who killed me or with what weapon , i just turn into a bloody pile of jibs.

I do wish i had a better graphics card , whilst its still very playable the way it is now (see fullsize screenshot) its hardly breathtaking.

I of course blame the UT3 engine , although in UT3’s unique case i do have to say that the resolution option is incredibly good – basically (for those who don’t have the game) it allows you to set a proper resolution (eg. my native 1920×1200) and the game will work in that res for all of the non-3d elements , so things like menu screens , the HUD (as shown above) are all proper size at my 1920 res. However you can set the rendering thingy to a % between 50% and 100% , this’ll mean that if you are running the game at 1000×1000 , it will render the game at 500×500 , stretch it and then add 1000×1000 res menus and HUD.
Pretty funky tbfh – im using 1440×900 in the screenshot @ 50% , lowest settings for everything.

On that note , i think when i finish my exams im gonna go get one of them 8800GTS 512’s , there are far too many games i cant play now and the 8800GTS is only around £150 and steadily falling.

edit : hmm.. tried playing online again today and kept getting ‘Connection Failed’ maybe they’re on to me.