19th May

I dont know why im typing this up now , i really should have done it back when it actually happened , nonetheless , late is better than never.

I most definately remember going to sainsburys, i bought coconut macaroons , some chocolate pan things and we bought a box of chocolate cornets.

We went to eat them near the sony center/ the entertainer at the backish area of the brewery (between the brewery and the bitter end pub)

After eating the ice creams (3 of them each) and mid way through one of the coconut macaroons i turned to her.

I love you.

…. a long pause… and then… “…why?”

does that mean you dont like me that way? i understand if you dont…

“ohhh , you made me not know what to say….”

at this point im very worried that ive spoiled a great friendship.

Well.. just say what you feel , do you like me in that way?


As in Yes you do?

May I? – i ask (what the fuck was i thinking there – i should have just done it.)

“maybe… maybe not.”

i lean in left , so does she.

My lips feel paralyzed , i dont know what to do. She seems to have a better idea than me , going in for the open mouthed snog style kiss which totally caught me off guard.

it was short , maybe 3 ‘reps’ or whatever they would be called , 5 seconds or so.

Afterwards i say we should go find somewhere warmer and we leave.