ET Quake Wars 1.5 Released

The new patch is out at last.

Click here to see list of download mirrors
(you can always download through your game client ofc.)

Heres the major parts of the update , although you can view the full changelog here

- We've added new customization options for turret lock-on warnings, so
you can now get the full warning (beep and text), just the warning
tone, just the HUD text, or nothing at all. Mine trigger warnings can
similarly be toggled on or off and it's also possible to set the size
of the mine indicators on the HUD or turn those off completely.

- We also found that a lot of people didn't quite understand the Hot
Servers tab in the server browser, so we've thrown that out in favor of
a much more straightforward 'Join Best Server' button.

- It's now possible to set mouse sensitivity on a per-vehicle basis, so
if you'd like your mouse to be really twitchy in flying vehicles and
far less responsive in, say, the Trojan APC, you can do just that

- In the statistics department, the in-game scoreboard once again
correctly displays player ranks (example), so you can quickly tell who's
experienced and thus safe to follow around in the game.

- Vehicle and
deployable kills are now counted correctly in your statistics,

- 1.5 also comes with a large number of bug and exploit fixes. Some of
these are actually quite inventive, such as using the Third Eye Camera
to transmit an objective when the player is actually nowhere near it,
or using an Icarus vehicle drop to teleport inside a building.