Age of Conan : Bewb Adventures

So its no secret that some of us have been considering picking up ‘Age Of Conan’ when it comes out and such. – Although I will have to be waiting until after Friday the 13th of June to get it and play (because thats when the last of my exams end)

I was browsing the Widescreen Gaming Forum when i came across an AOC thread , heres what the people in there said about it…

Graphics are insanely nice! I am playing at 1920×1200 with 8xAA and everything on high. Beautiful world (from what I have seen) and JetSonic was right about the water! best I’ve seen in ANY game. The developers claim DX10 is not implemented yet, but there is an option to turn it on in the settings and to enable SM 3.0. Doing that does make the game look a lot better.”

Combat is very fun once you get it out of your head that you can’t just right click a mob 50 feet away and it will automatically run you to him and start attacking. It’s very fun to have to swing your weapons manually, despite how tiresome it may sound. It gets to be second nature after only 10 to 15 minutes of playing. The combat system is much more advanced in this game compared to most MMO’s which is why I feel PvP is going to be very, very fun in the future!”

Wha? if you take all your cloths off you actually get nekid??” (see below)

Variety. There are three races and TWELVE classes to chose from. It reminds me of EQ2 when I used to play. You don’t see the same old five classes etc.. It’s nice to have that variety, and I think that will play a large role in the PvP mechanics.”

I chose Cultural PvP because I like that you are only PvP’ing the other two races (there are three). It gives it more of a normal feel to PvP.”

I play the game on low settings but i still use the 1920 x 1200 resolution, no shadows or grass, but I still get lots of foilage and bushes and trees view distance turned way down for now, getting 25fps avg frame rates. Runs very nice on these settings. My specs:
Pentium D Dual Core 3ghz 2gb Ram Nvidia 7800 video card

Install for this game took about an 1hr. Yea that’s right, about 30gigs of space is needed to load up this monster, OMG”

Also , heres the picture you’ve all been waiting for~


So heres a summary:

– Shit is huge , 30gb.
– If we do play , it’ll only be cool after Friday the 13th
– leetfella plays a priest
– Anony plays whatever character dies fastest so he can get really angry and be amazing
– Cross plays whatever and does the most damage regardless of what class he goes , he also ends up with the most money and best equips
– Boyce plays the soldier.
– Meng plays the class that gets mob control skills
– Everyone plays females , since apparently you can take your top off and show your bewbs.
– We choose a PVP server and hang around in mobs , or pretend to be leave someone as bait and then as soon as they get attacked we all appear from behind trees and shit and gank their ass silly.
– DId i mention bewbs?
– Also, leetfella buys a new graphics card , otherwise he runs REALLY FUCKING SLOW , is it because im a robot guys? leave me some of the items , guys.. GUYS..