So on saturday night i went to a partay thing , which was kinda cool.

Highlight would have to be the trampoline

Awww cheeea.

So anyway , onto the intresting part of the night.

We talked to the party host about when the last buses are to go back to town , he said 12:50 or somewhere around that. So we were thinking ‘mkay , we can stick around abit more i guess’
We left for the bus stop at around 12:10 , got there at 12:17…
Last bus : 12:07


We stand at the bus stop and consider how on earth we can get to town.
We set off for the train station , half way there , one of the others with me has a brainwave and calls up her sister.
We’re heading to her sisters house then.
10-15 minute trek later we arrive there.

Hawk gets the sofa , i got the edge of an airbed – with 2 other people on , so pretty much the slightest movement on anyones part ends up in a monster earthquake.

After some initial arguments and people moving around in the dark and smacking me in the crotch – we started to notice some of the smaller details of the flat. . .

– The door to the room where we were all sleeping had a dangly thingy over it , like chains over the door that smack into each other when you walk through – the problem with this is that you feel kinda bad going to the toilet in the middle of the night incase you wake anyone up.

– There are disco balls outside on the balcony , 3 of them. *shrugs*

– … There are crickets. In the kitchen. They are NOISY. GODDAYUM. How the hell can such a small creature make so much fucking noise! its ridiculous!

– Windchime , directly outside the room *facepalm*

Total Sleep during the night : 1 hour out of potential 6 hours.

– ps. everyone snores :/

– pps. some awesome stuff , Picture 1 Picture 2

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  • 1. wtf, I thought it was just me who felt bad when going for a piss.
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