Not much to say today , im listening to the new Pendulum album as i type this , its pretty awesome so far.

Ive been searching around for a copy of Age of Conan to import (since we have to get the fucking US copy) , not much luck finding anything south of 30 quid so far , with most places being like £32 including shipping.
I haven’t paid over £30 for a game since… Hell i cant even remember the last time i paid that much , even the club wasn’t THAT expensive.
Needless to say , if i do end up getting this game (and i probably will) it better be pretty fucking good.
I realise £30 isn’t even that much considering that you gets a months free play with it , which is probably the equivalence of £8 or something but it still seems pretty deep after playing Phantasy Star Universe which was the most amazing £7.50 I’ve ever spent , even if we didn’t use the entire months subscription properly.

Also. Those considering Denmark – we should probably all get together on vent sometime and all book tickets together otherwise we probably wont end up doing it – which would be a huge shame.
Possibility of there being a Meng , Boyce , Leetfella , Werner Boogle (whom we’re all going for really) , Nguman and Cross.

uhm… anything else to add…

R-Type Commands (PSP) is shit.
It feels like Advance wars without the speed or fun elements , the battle sequences are all very boring and the game in general seems to move incredibly slow.

Apolagies for the lack of dreams on my dreamblog , i keep forgetting to write them down or i just cant remember them or they just plain suck.