SF4 for PC

“Big news from Capcom today! We’ve announced the console versions of Street Fighter IV. The next generation Street Fighter game finally finds a home on Xbox 360, PLAYSTATION 3 system and Windows-based PC. Now you can join in on the non-stop breathtaking fighting game with all your favorite Street Fighter characters. Street Fighter IV brings a brand new fighting game to fans the world over. With the inclusion of Capcom’s latest advancements in new generation technology, Street Fighter IV promises to deliver an extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to the time-honored art of virtual martial arts. “

Oh hell yes , i just need to hope the controller settings will be good enough so that i can use my Ps2 controller and don’t have to ever experience playing SF4 with my 360 control.


Speaking of xbox controllers , i have 6 now. Along with 2 xbox’s.
My uncle gave my brother his old semi-working xbox (which suffered from overheating , non working disk eject button and a non working power button [it just starts automatically and you cant turn it off without unplugging it]) , he also gave me a shitton of games – although only a few good ones (halo1 , 2 , burnout revenge) – and then 4 controllers , 2 of which are officials and of those two 1 of which work.

Mum then decided to buy a preowned xbox because that one kept overheating , £20 for xbox plus 2 official controllers. So uh… yeah.

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