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Don’t let the trailer or anything fool you into thinking this is a 100% action flick.
It is most definitely a better comedy than anything else , this isn’t to say its not a good action flick. oh no.

I don’t want to give too much away , so i’ll just tell you all to watch it and that’ll be that.

also. Morgan freeman calls someone a motherfucka. reason enough tbh.

Spam comments

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So my blog and forums are rather popular with ye old spam bots.
I can only assume its because i have so many readers and the site is so big.

(click to view full size)

Id also like to add that we broke 2200 Users on the forums today! Yay!

Smash Bros Brawl

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[I got bored trying to piece together my thoughts logically so i thought id just throw it all down in any order , i may begin writing my game review things in this fashion from now on because its tons easier.]

I’m not the biggest smash brothers fan , its fun for about a half hour with some friends but thats all really as far as im concerned.
My brother on the other hand is a fanatic,  his preorder came in the mail today.

Controls : I don’t know about you guys , but using the wiimote and nunchuck to play is weird as hell , it just feels very wrong and awkward to me , i didn’t try any of the other control schemes (NES wiimote or Classic Control) as i whacked in my Gamecube controller at the first given opportunity.

Graphics : Looks like a polished version of Melee , not the greatest but they’ll do

Purple Monster Things : Remind me a lot of the heartless from the kingdom hearts series.

Gameplay in general : Its Melee with a story cobbled together and snake. Lets not forget snake. Speaking of…

Snake : Where the fuck is he.

Unlockables : Fuck you , i want snake.

The Story mode : Its rather meh , run around and kill stuff – repeat. They tried to do a funky thing by making proper levels and such and this works to some extent. Reminds me of the donkey kong level , of which brings me to…

The Music : Is fucking amazing. I had a feeling this would be the thing that essentially saves the game and from what ive seen so far , it really does.

The Story mode (Part2) : Oh , also. It forces you to play as characters you probably arent good at or used to (all of them aside from )

uh.. anything else…

The box : Is limited edition with a cardboard casing thing , sexy.

Beatmania IIDX 16 Announced

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I know pretty much all of you dont give a shit but Konami announced the new IIDX.
Konami probably arent the greatest when it comes to naming Beatmania games , from IIDX 11 to 15 they’ve been named…
IIDX 11 Red
IIDX 12 Happy Sky
IIDX 13 DistorteD
IIDX 15 DJ Troopers

The new one?

Pink! Lots of pink!
it looks like the logo for My super sweet 16 or something.
Ah well. I still prefer the DJ Troopers guy with his turntable gun

also. mascot girl:


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So im not a big fan of racing games.
Infact , i hate most racing games – The only real racing games i ever found fun were the burnout series and Need for Speed underground , Gran turismo 3 was alright as simulation games go, but i find simulation games pretty boring , i like being able to smack other cars out of the way , i like being able to powerslide round corners , i like being able to crash into oncoming buses….

So out of the blue , i downloaded ‘Race Driver : GRID’ , expecting to play it for 20 minutes then realise how shit it is and leave it to fragment on my hard drive.
I got a rather nice surprise.

Its a rather standard racing game at heart , there are different ‘disciplines’ – these essentially boil down to street courses , race tracks , F1/touring stuff , Drifting and ‘Touge’ which is basically the canyon bits from Need for Speed Carbon.

So what seperates this game out from all of the shitty racing games out there?… I have no idea.
I honestly cant put my finger on what makes this game great. You enter races for money , spend the money on cars , its pretty much Gran turismo stuff without the endless tuning and upgrading.
… hmm..
Nope. i still have no idea whats so great about this game.

The cars suffer from damage (as you may notice in the screenshots – im a shit driver) , slam into a wall and you may dent the car door , slam into the wall on that side and you may mess up the wheels causing your steering to veer to the left/right. Hit the front and your braking may mess up , etc etc.
All little things but the attention to detail in these aspects is really amazing.

Where the game really shines in my opinion is when you put it into in-car mode.
You earn reputation in this game , you can gain more rep from an event by changing the difficulty , changing driver assists (brake assist , steering assist etc etc) and by forcing helmet view.

All of the detail inside the cockpit is astounding , the dials all move in real time, lights flash , your drivers hands move with your steering , his hands move to change gear…
When you lock to helmet view , the only way you can see whats going on is by.. well.. looking whats going on!
Using the right analogue stick you can use your noggin to see around. Turn to the right to check your right rear view mirror , up and left a little to check behind you ,down and you can see your drivers legs/feet and pedals… you get the idea.
The damage system affects the inside too! hit the right side and your right window may break , crash full on and your windshield will become cracked and annoying to look through , your doors can hang off their hinges , side mirror can break off…

The game also has a ‘flashback’ system , which can help you prevent errors.
Crash into a wall? hit the back button and an instant replay will show , you can forward or rewind , pause , change angles , whatever you want. Then hit X and you’ll resume from that point in the replay.
Great for when you make a shit turn and spin out , miss a turn , get lost , etc etc. – you can turn this off if you want a challenge of course.

End bit:
This game doesent really do much new aside from the flashback system. Everything else is bread and butter driving game stuff – but everything it does in this aspect is almost flawless. Cars all handle like they should , graphically brilliant , sounds are good… Its a great game.

Firefox 3 – Hell yes Zoom

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Um… what to blog.

So. Firefox 3 is awesome.
Im sure most of you probably have it already but theres bound to be one of you thats slow on the uptake – probably Nguman because he’s too busy doing tiger uppercuts or something.

I havent actually noticed much different between firefox 2 and firefox 3. There is the rather blatent exploding of the bookmarks menu thing. Which now has an extra 4 lines or whatever – infact i dont even know how bookmarking works anymore , you have to go to recent bookmarks which is just wtf.

So the main (and arguably only) reason that Firefox 3 rules so much over Firefox 2?


I always preferred the zoom feature in IE over firefox , mainly because the firefox increase text thing would generally break webpages entirely or make shit inaccessable (buttons and such). But now it works! Success!
The hugest problem with having a monitor with a res of 1920×1200 is that half the pages on the web are just a tiny pillar in the middle of the screen – optimized for dickheads browsing the web on their iPhones or whatever the latest small screen gadget is.
Observe BS level of wasted space below on gameshit

Infact , i measured the amount of wasted space and it comes to approximately 1100 pixels. I could view the same page twice on the monitor and STILL have space left over.

Thankfully the zoom thingy fixes this. Firefox makers, Meng thanks ye!

Shakeaway – the new best way to kill yourself

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So I went to Lakeside shopping centre a few days ago , partially for a walk around , partially for this one shop which was supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread.

The menu is below , id definately recommend viewing in full size since you cant see shit in the thumbnail

So what they basically do is put a little milk in the bottom of a blender , 4 scoops of ice cream and then whatever ‘flavour’ you pick.
As you can see by the picture , i went for the Ferrero rocher and my friend went for the Dime Bar.
They basically just throw into the blender with the ice cream and milk and then blend it.

The result is a very cold , very smooth , very amazing milkshake , tasting partially of whatever you threw in and partially of ice cream. If you’re lucky the blender didnt explode your flavour enough and you’ll have bits of it left in the bottom.

I think next time i go i may have to get the Peanut M&M’s or the Full Jam Doughnut (wtf)

I probably should have taken pictures of the shop premesies itself , its basically just a counter with 8 blenders and a shitton of sweets/biscuits/cakes behind still in their wrappers.

Good stuff indeed.

Age of Conan : First venture into Cimmeria

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Because i have nothing better to blog.

So we recently ventured out of tortage (the starter city) and into the real world.
Here are some pictures.

Anony Swimming down the waterfall

And heres one of us on the side of a mountain thing.

Also , i thought id see what the game would look like on leetfella’s pc , im a dick like that.

I’d like to point out that Me , anony and Boyce are actually in this picture. Along with 3 enemies.
Its surprising how much like runescape the game can look with everything at low low settings

Remind me to get a screenshot of Boyce being ganked at some point too , with me and anony just sitting in the background watching and laughing of course.

Seans Heatsink , again

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So i asked Sean to recommend me a new heatsink since mine only weighed 2kg.

He showed me this one.

Thanks Sean!

Pyro Fortress 2

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Yeah we all saw it coming.

Do it from far away and usually they’ll come close to you and try to fireball you. As soon as the animation starts going – move to behind them and start yours ASAP. You can usually fireball them because you cant move when the taunt is going. Shit is so great.

Most of these achievements are awesome actually – with only a few being ridiculous stuff that you need to farm – Im looking at you ‘Got a light’ (Set an enemy spy on fire while he’s doing his cigarette flick taunt)

Alot of them seem very long term as well – with Achievements which are actually achievements , 1000 kills and 1m Damage for example.

I do wonder when we’ll get to do the spy related ones , i doubt there will be any proper spies trying to play for ages.

The Compressed air thing is BS hard to use imo. Ive yet to really deflect anything back in the direction it came from. Tried once or twice with crit rockets – To no avail :(

TF2 Pyro Achievements

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I love achievements , partially because i like to whore them and then brag about how big my e-peen is but mainly because i feel it gives me something to do. They’re like the bonus missions you get in other games , or like the dog tag system back in MGS2.


Dance Dance immolation achievement picture is fucking amazing.

and the OMGWTFBBQ (Kill an enemy with fireball taunt) will definately be great fun to try and get.

The new flamethrower alt fire feature seems somewhere between overpowered and really fucking useless to me.
Generally speaking , most pyros will be trying to get as close to you as possible , the flamethrower does the most damage when you’re inside their face after all. This new feature seems to encourage hit and run tactics, relying on burn damage. The ability to deflect soldier rockets does seem very overpowered too.

The backburner and axtinguisher also seem incredibly imbalanced. The backburner gives an extra 50 hp for no reason at all , this essentially turns the normal pyro we have today into a 225hp monster with guaranteed crits on stealth burns. *shrugs*

I guess we’ll see how those turn out.

It does look like valve have learned some stuff in making the achievements though , all if not most of the pyro achievements seem alot harder to get than the medic ones.

Age of Conan – Fugitive system update

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Interesting Age of Conan Update

Long story short :

If you kill People way under your level alot , you turn into a ‘fugitive’ , this turns your name red for everyone to see.
If you get killed whilst in Fugitive state ,you will lose an item or some money.

Enjoy killing level 7’s over and over while you still can Boyce lol. – Does look like they’re adding stun effect to your charge skill though so its not all bad i guezz?

Also leetfella , this means that the devs actually do give a shit about the pvp. Told you so.

Sweeney Todd : Demon barber of Robert Deniro

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So a friend of mine said Sweeney Todd was a cool film. Thought id see for myself.

Found it on HDbits , i opted to go for the mid quality version , which was only 8gb. (The high quality one being 12gb , and the low quality one being 4gb) – 720p with 5.1 Surround Audio.

Im not a huge fan of musicals,  I say that , i dont think ive ever even watched one before this – I saw ‘we will rock you’ at broadway , wonder if that counts.

So Sweeney todd is an Almost 2 hour film about a man and his lost daughter, and his plot to get revenge on the judge who has essentially kidnapped the daughter , theres also a bit about a pie shop and a segment with Borat/Ali-G singing about cutting hair.

87.5% of the film is singing… thats a good portion of the film.

To my surprise , i rather enjoyed it.
The songs were somewhat catchy (That pie song at the start of the film is crazy catchy) and the story itself was fairly decent as well. As a bonus you get to see about 20 people get their throats slit.

Summary : If you have an open enough mind to watch a film consisting primarily of singing then you should probably give it a watch.

Mass Effect on my Mental State

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So the intresting thing about blogging is that you only ever seem to make wtfamazing posts when you have stuff to do.

When you have all the time in the world – you can’t think of anything to write about.
Well.. thats what i thought until i opened this page at least.

So.. Mass Effect.

MetaCritic score of 90 for the PC version (91 for the 360 version)


I played some of it earlier today since i was rather looking forward to it , what with all the good reviews and feedback it must be good. Or so i thought.

Now i havent played it for too long yet but here goes.

The dialogue/story/cutscenes/etc , i can deal with story elements , heck i even encourage some storytelling , the cutscenes and such do seem relentless though. Cutscene after Cutscene , how boring – i just wanna have fun , if i wanted a huge story id read a book (maybe.) .
Thank god the voice acting is decent , otherwise it would be horrible.

Onto the combat then.
Depending on your character type , you lose half the skills/equipment. Funfun , not that you’d use half of it because the magic/skills stuff is all shit. Infact everything seems shit , maybe its because im at the start of the game but i thought that picking a hybrid warrior/caster type would be the most fun and get the best of both worlds – What i got instead was 2 fucking worthless skills and ‘proficiency’ (i use that lightly since even though my char is proficient at pistols she couldnt shoot worth shit.)
i was getting on to it but i inadvertently spilled the beans already.
Aiming? fuck aiming.
Your character learned to use firearms from a squirrel , if you are able to shoot at anything more than 2 meters away you’re lucky already.

Leveling up seems kinda meh, with not enough skills and such again.

The graphics are nice but seem a little unoptimized – I think Age of Conan runs better , which is worrying.
Maybe my imagination but the whole game is really fucking dark too. I had to turn my monitor onto dynamic contrast (aka. supernova monitor mode) to be able to see stuff.

Summary : A game consisting of 80% cutscenes and 20% shit Combat.

ps. The game is really hard too , maybe because i put it on hard , but still i don’t expect to die in 3 shots – especially when the enemies have had eagle eyeballs implanted into them.

Cant think of anything else to bitch at so ill leave it there.

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