Don’t let the trailer or anything fool you into thinking this is a 100% action flick.It is most definitely a better comedy than anything else , this isn’t to say its not a good action flick. oh no. I don’t … Read More

Spam comments

So my blog and forums are rather popular with ye old spam bots.I can only assume its because i have so many readers and the site is so big. (click to view full size) Id also like to add that … Read More

Smash Bros Brawl

[I got bored trying to piece together my thoughts logically so i thought id just throw it all down in any order , i may begin writing my game review things in this fashion from now on because its tons … Read More

Beatmania IIDX 16 Announced

I know pretty much all of you dont give a shit but Konami announced the new IIDX.Konami probably arent the greatest when it comes to naming Beatmania games , from IIDX 11 to 15 they’ve been named…IIDX 11 RedIIDX 12 … Read More


So im not a big fan of racing games.Infact , i hate most racing games – The only real racing games i ever found fun were the burnout series and Need for Speed underground , Gran turismo 3 was alright … Read More

Firefox 3 – Hell yes Zoom

Um… what to blog. So. Firefox 3 is awesome.Im sure most of you probably have it already but theres bound to be one of you thats slow on the uptake – probably Nguman because he’s too busy doing tiger uppercuts … Read More