Steam Cloud and Left 4 Strogg

A tidbit from Steam : “We held a press event here at our office yesterday to announce a new feature that is coming to Steam called Steam Cloud, which will be a way for game data like preferences and save games to follow you around across computers.”

To me this sounds like a pretty awesome feature , kinda similar to the way that MSN display pictures work nowadyas. Good for us players that rely far too much on our binds and special configurations. If i went to play CS at a lan for example i would suck really fucking bad , i would take about a half an hour to buy my guns and then would be too afraid to use anything from my primary weapon due to the way my current config is set up. (that being F keys for buy binds and my mousewheel for switching between primary and secondary)


Left 4 Strogg

An interesting looking mod for ET Quake wars , basically lots of strogg bots whom are only allowed to use spikes against human GDF players trying to repair a vehicle , GDF players are only armed with pistols but can find more advanced weaponry and items (med packs / ammo) in the field.
Sounds pretty fun if you could get a nice team of GDF players together.