New and Beastly

This is my old card , XFX 7600GT 256mb , it aint bad. aint bad at all.
I finished crysis on this thing , and it plays just about everything i have (aside from Turok , stranglehold , Blacksite)

Sitting around , around 2:45pm , talking to Hawk.
Awww chea.

The box was smaller than i thought , considering how my old graphics card box was humongous.

The card itself however WAS humongous.
Its hard to realise how big it is when you see it in pictures. I took a picture of it next to a standard sized pen.
Its about the thickness of 4 of these pens , and almost double the length.

It came with some awesome stickers too , although i just collect stickers and dont actually use them on my case.

While i was at it i figure i may as well adjust my CPU Heatsink since my top fan doesn’t work as well as the back one.

Some results pictures
Its Nice to be able to turn everything to high.
Crysis here , everything max , no AA

Assasins Creed , everything max

Timeshift , everything max

Maplestory , everything max , bloom on

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