AgE oF CoNaN

So my Age Of Conan came yesterday.

My first impressions of the game (not that ive really played it) , is that its big.

Everything about this game is huge.

First – the additional costs , not going to say exactly how much it all came to , but it certainly was NOT the $50 (£25) advertised on the site , after whacking on shipping charges , import tax , miscellaneous fees…. >_>”

Then there’s the box that the game comes in , i was expecting to get a simple DVD case. Instead i got a double sized DVD case along with some nifty cardboard cover thing that opens up and is embossed and all this shit. Cool stuff.

And then there’s the install. – oh ma ghuuuud.
I think it took somewhere in the region of 75 to 90 minutes to install.

and THEN there’s the patching. I think you patch somewhere in the region of 800mb in total (the one shown below wasnt the only patch that needed to be downloaded) – I think the patching in total came to about 8 hours , despite the ETA shown.

However , its all good to go , im all patched up and ready to rumble , and as soon as my Friday exams finish ima pone up some o dat Aye Oh See.

I hope you guys (Leetfella , Anony , potentially Nguman and Hawk too) are gonna get in on this shit cuz its gonna be XtR3m3

oh also , i borrowed Boyce’s account to see if it runs properly – i was kinda doubting whether my new card would be able to run it properly.

It looks pretty hot. – i was kinda expecting more though , everyone was talking about how pretty AoC looks.. Maybe its just the area i was in.