Age Of Meng and Changingman (Conan)

So after making our characters and running around doing the solo stuff , finding out how to be able to find each other ingame etc etc. We went on a funky amazing quest into a cave to kill some stuff.

Heres a picture of us looking really intense , theres some funky magic dude in the background too.

Apparently in hyboria its perfectly normal for there to be a stream of lava running through a lush green area with streams near the town. its also apparent that if you arent concentrating whilst crossing the bridge you will fall in and be de-gillz’d

My character actually breakdances , he’s pretty G like that.
Although i do think Boyce’s character’s dance is more amazing – he does the russian dance thing.. sorta.

We then went on an epic quest to kill crocodiles and explore the ‘white sands’ area , which should be renamed to ‘nuclear sands’ as far as im concerned.

We got killed a few times , sometimes due to faggots PKing us whilst we’re trying to take down a boss monster , sometimes because Boyce was like ‘Hay! this guy is 4 times our level but we can take him!’ and then rushing at them as soon as i start attacking a nearby monster.

The first day of age of conan was pretty damn amazing , If the real gameworld is massive compared to Tortage (starter island essentially) then im going to be pretty happy.

I do kinda wish the world was seamless like it is in WoW though – maybe it is on the real game island. but load screens and going through gates with load screens does ruin the immersion somewhat.

Whilst im at it , this game is pretty damn PC intensive. Running it at everything maxxed but with no antialiasing i get an average of around 20-30fps I think. Not the perfect 60 but its more than adequate for an MMO game.